Allegan Downtown Riverfront Development


Allegan’s potential riverfront redevelopment project involves both a design concept and accompanying urban planning strategies. The proposed site includes the Kalamazoo Riverfront that borders Downtown Allegan along Hubbard Street. The city of Allegan, the Allegan Downtown Development Authority, and local stakeholders envision transforming the identified riverfront site into a quality destination space recognized throughout the region.

As the location of the world headquarters of the Perrigo Company, one of the largest employers in southwest Michigan, Allegan endeavors to further solidify its place as a choice destination to live, work and play within west Michigan through the development of its riverfront property.  The redesign will encompass a variety of upgrades to locations around the downtown riverfront such as facades of historical buildings, fishing facilities, the 1886 steel truss bridge, and the Veteran’s Riverfront Park.

Objectives of the riverfront development design within downtown Allegan include further enhancement of the city’s natural beauty, capitalizing upon its historic districts, and jumpstarting economic development. The project will also support and maximize the potential of the regional festivals and events for which Allegan is known, including July Three Jubilee, Oktoberfest, and a series of summer weekend concerts.

The city has leveraged investments and partnerships that will complement and assist with the success of this site. During summer 2013 improvements will be made to the Veteran’s Riverfront Park using matching grant funding provided by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Allegan has also completed a Safe Routes to School Plan, which will facilitate assistance from the Michigan Department of Transportation in improving walkable access to downtown. A completed plan for the M-89 Corridor will further address access to its downtown.  Track further developments at

Downtown Riverfront Development Presentation

 PlacePlans: A Community Collaboration

At its core, placemaking is an economic development strategy that offers a new way to define and design our communities for the people who live in them. Research shows that a city’s prosperity and future growth are linked to the quality of human experience it provides.

In this report, learn about Allegan’s experience going through the PlacePlans process and the progress it is making to implement those plans.




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