League & MEDC release guides to redevelopment

We kicked off 2018 by putting the finishing touches on three guidance documents in partnership with MEDC’s Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC) program. The Redevelopment Ready Sites Guide, Developer RFQ Guide and Developer RFQ template were written for communities pursuing RRC certification, but are relevant for any communities looking to attract productive new investment. They are the product of over a year of research and development supported by MEDC, MSHDA, CIB Planning, LSL Planning and SmithJJR. We’re very proud to finally share this information with all of our League members!

Topics covered include: how to select ripe redevelopment sites, how to prioritize investment when choosing among many properties, how to engage the community and develop a vision for redevelopment, resources available to support and incent redevelopment and how to attract developer interest through the RFQ process.