Explore More: Placemaking in Action

Creativity shines all over the state as Michiganders launch placemaking projects designed to attract 21st century businesses and talent. To offer an up-close view of these projects, Recycle Herethe League has designed a series of Explore More mobile workshops. We’ll guide you through places where imagination and teamwork have transformed neighborhoods from dull to dazzling.

The first Explore More mobile workshop will travel through Detroit, where we’ve found places like Recycle Here! and The Alley Project that serve as unique canvasses for students and professional artists. Old buildings have become cool housing or great sites for business owners following their entrepreneurial dreams. And an abandoned railway has been converted into the Dequindre Cut Greenway, an inviting recreational trail filled with walkers and bikers. Destinations like these, and how they sprang to life, will be part of your adventure on an Explore More mobile workshop. We hope you’ll join us and get a flash of inspiration that you can translate into creative placemaking projects in your own community.

Register now for the first Explore More mobile workshop:

July 8 – Detroit

Jump on board and get inspired!